Crew Ai by I8IS

A streamlined platform for AI-driven crew management, enabling users to efficiently configure agents, assign tasks and optimize workflow with enhanced control and flexibility.

1 API Key

API key is required for accessing specialized functionalities and services.

3Create Task

Choose any One agent from list of available agents for task assignment.

Enter a descriptive name for the task, adding in its identification and organization.

Enter a detailed explanation or instructions for the task, ensuring clarity and understanding.

4Task Management

Click Task box from Task Management in the order you want them to be executed, depending on priority.

"Click" on the Task box to add in execution order.
5Execution Order
6Verbose Output Option
File Download

By downloading you will get .py file, final answer file, verbose output

Console/Text Output

Displays output on screen


You will get both output on screen and .py file, final answer file, verbose output